Top 5 Trading Platforms for the UK

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Here's a list of the top 5 Forex trading platforms in the United Kingdom today
Traders all over the world are deeply engrossed in Forex exchange, and this is seemingly true due to the fact it has a large size and deep liquidity. Forex is not as transparent as the stock exchange or commodity exchange, the lack of transparency in stock trading opens it up to a host of manipulations and misconducts. However, the foreign exchange market is the renowned world’s largest market with a whopping daily trading volume of over $5 trillion a day, if you can pull through with effective stock strategies, it’s a sure way to secure huge profits from minimum capital. The regulator in the United Kingdom that ensures a just and ethical trading is conducted is the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). This body sets a lot of standards and rules for trading, and every Forex trader in the United Kingdom must comply with a set of standard rules set by the body.

After the Swiss banks surprise to the stock world in 2015 when they crashed the market, a lot of brokers have been put on their toes, and the event brought the spotlight on Forex traders in the UK and across the world. In the Forex exchange world, unexpected events can pop out of the blues anytime and wreak havoc on the Forex exchange market. It’s important to note that Forex trading is risky, yet quite profitable if you can play your cards right with proper strategies, you can lose a whole lot of money as well as gain a tremendous amount of cash.


This broker is rated as the best brokering firm in the UK. The system of operation allows even small traders with little investments to secure great leverages and boost profits! FXTM offers its users a unique cash-back program where you receive as much as $5 per lot. The creators enhanced the deposit interface making it more accessible and convenient, you can deposit cash directly from your credit card, Neteller, Skrill, OK pay, or WebMoney with ease. Trading with FXTM opens you to more possibilities, the MT4 and MT5 trading options on mobile and desktop are open to you to enhance your experience.

#2 IQ Option

IQ option might not be the best in the UK, but in over twenty countries it ranks number one. The popularity of this firm is entirely on the brighter side, over 11 million people trade with this firm across the world and it offers excellent investment opportunities as much as FXTM does. IQ option has an extreme profitability rate which rocks up to a credit of 90% in successful deals and the minimum deposit for this is mere $10.

#3 Trade 360

Ranked as number 3 in the best Forex trading sites in the UK, this firm is rated 9.4/10 by UK Forex broker reviews, the Trade 360. The platform is continuously updated with new brokering trends and a live feed with the latest and hottest deals is accessible which makes it an excellent option for UK brokers. Trading with Trade 360 gives you an open pathway to Cashback rewards and crowd trading where top brokers upload live trending signals.

#4 Ayrex

The Ayrex is ranked number 4 in the UK out of 971 Forex brokers and is another popular Forex trading platform a lot of UK traders trade on. Well, I have to give speed to the Ayrex platform, transactions carried out are super-fast and accurate in just 28 milliseconds. Withdrawals on this platform are directly processed (Automatic) to your Skrill, Neteller or other e-wallets. The initial deposit fee is low, and demo accounts are also available for practicing, and you can get your deposits back anytime you want… Interesting!

#5 XM

The last in the top 5 rated brokers in the UK, XM still offers traders substantial benefits as much as the other broker platforms in the UK. It ranks 9.3 out of 10 scores which is still quite impressive considering the number of platforms in the UK. The platform is fully regulated by the UK FCA, and you can trade with really narrow spreads. On XM you can trade and XM points which are redeemable for credit bonuses. Overall, the site still delivers regarding the input to leverage ratio which is up to 1:500 on the MT5 platform.

In real time Forex trading, your outcome is dependent on the risk factors present in the market and how your input interacts with them, so in a real sense, your trading depends on YOU.

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